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There's only one Divotool! See what it can do for you!


  Smoker-safe too!

ü Push the grass over the green's ball mark

ü Repair divots right, saving greens

ü All natural, lightweight (just .07 oz!)

ü Easy to use


How It Works
When the ball mark is a slight depression, slip the Divotool horizontally, under the ball mark, raising the turf without pulling the roots. Healing starts immediately.

Why It Works

The Divotool's wedge scoop design inhibits the lifting motion, reducing the accidental root separation. This assures a healthy green and not a brown dead spot!



Metal Divotools and
Ball Markers
  1- and 2- Prong Plastic Divotools Promos
divotool.com   Divotool in white with 4 color logo
Magnetic Ball Markers Metal Die Cast - Raised Logo 1- and 2-Prong Plastic Divotools Promotional packages

Independent Test Results: Divotool's the Best!!
As reported in a study by MS State University published August 16,2007, Divotool’s quality repair in day one was 15-50% more effective than all other tools, recording smaller resultant ball marks, and continued to provide the best repair results through week 3!


P# 6,224,502B1

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